Professional Credentials

Certified Arborists: Within our industry certified arborists are recognized as leaders in providing the highest quality tree care according to strict international standards. If you want your work done well you hire a certified arborists. If your trees are important to you then you seek out a certified arborists. For more information visit, the web-site for the International Society of Arboriculture.

The Tree Doctor was founded by certified arborists and today is managed by a large team of certified arborists. Our company has grown around the skills of these individuals and we continue to maintain a high ratio of certified arborists in our staff. As we enter the 2014 season nearly one half of our employees are certified arborists with eight on staff. These individuals have worked at least three years in the tree industry and have passed international exams in thirteen categories:

  • Tree Biology
  • Plant Identification
  • Tree/Soil Relations
  • Water Management
  • Tree nutrition and fertilization
  • Tree selection
  • Plant installation and establishment
  • Pruning
  • Cabling, bracing and lightning protection
  • Insect and disease control
  • Preserving trees during construction
  • Climbing techniques
  • Safety

Licensed Pesticide Applicators:

All employees applying pesticides at The Tree Doctor are licensed by New York State’s Department of Environmental Conservation to perform this work. We hold current licenses to apply pesticides residentially and commercially to trees, shrubs, turf, structures, food preparation areas and rights of way (roadsides, power lines, etc.). In order to qualify for these licenses The Tree Doctor employees have passed exams demonstrating knowledge in the following areas:

  • Identification of insects and diseases
  • Proper use of spray & injection equipment
  • How to avoid spray “drift”
  • How different chemicals control target pests
  • Life cycle of target insects and diseases
  • Tree pathology
  • Safe handling and use of chemicals
  • Proper notification and record-keeping in accord with all state and federal regulations

No one from The Tree Doctor will apply any pesticide at your residence unless they are a licensed pesticide applicator in New York State.

Electronical Hazards & First Aid:

Anytime a tree that is adjacent to electrical lines needs to be removed or pruned, The Tree Doctor assigns the work to one of our climbers who is EHAP certified. (Electrical Hazard Awareness Program). This is a New York State requirement and is designed to protect the safety of the workers and the liability of the client. We have several employees who are EHAP certified. In addition, all of our climbers and ground support workers must pass a Red Cross First Aid course every year.

Education and Experience:

  • One Ph.D.
  • One M.A.
  • Most employees are graduates of Horticultural or Forestry Schools
  • Most experience = 43 years
  • Average employee has 15 years of experience in tree care

Even though we have a seasonal business, all Tree Doctor employees are full-time. You can be assured that we will not send an inexperienced worker to provide a service at your residence. (A trainee will always be closely supervised.)