August 2, 2018

Dear Mr Sayers,

On behalf of the Friends of Clarence, Inc. and the Clarence Arboretum Advisory Committee, I want you to know that we are most pleased with your comprehensive report regarding the trees in the Clarence Arboretum. You provided the type of analysis and recommendations that we were seeking when searching for an arborist.

[We] will be in touch with you regarding your recommendations to determine if any further action is necessary on your part.

We look forward to working with you again next spring or when there are special needs for the Arboretum.

Yours Truly,

Elaine W.


Jeremy, good afternoon.

I wanted to take a moment and send you a very long overdue message. As we work towards kicking off the 2018 Spring season, I want you to know how pleased I, and my management team have been with the continuous outstanding services you and your teams continue to provide for our organization. Your organization never falls short to meet our rigid demands in maintaining our properties to the highest standards by fully recognizing and overseeing such a large volume of requirements specific to our property ranging from, the annual ongoing caretaking and nurturing  of over 525 various trees and 450 + assorted species of shrubbery , consistently maintaining disease and insect treatment programs, along with performing regimented watering schedules during those hot summer days, to providing immaculate lawn/landscape services with the necessary fertilization maintenance programs. Throughout the past  20 + years of you providing Ingram Micro with these various services,  the knowledge and expertise you have offered to us by working so closely with us to foster and develop the extensive maintenance programs surrounding our daily needs  that we currently have in place, along with your constant focus in administering these programs has lead to nothing but positive results for a beautifully manicured property.

You should also know that your personal commitments and dedication to providing such a high level  of customer service and satisfaction on a constant, is routinely portrayed by all of your teams/crews  as they frequent our site. My interactions with them are always positive, and I strongly feel the management/and coaching techniques you provide them, is reflected very professionally in the way that I personally witness as they all represent you, and your organization.

I myself, and as well as my Ingram Micro management team, sincerely appreciate the efforts constantly displayed in all applications that you have provided over the past 20 + years, and look forward to continuing with the relationships we have built for many more years to come.

Thank You!

Kenneth R. Pawliske



This letter of recommendation is being written on behalf of Jeremy Sayers and the professional team at The Tree Doctor.  The Tree Doctor has provided us with excellent service at both of our properties for many years.  I am confident in their judgment to determine which trees should be treated, and then their subsequent treatments which have given us more than satisfactory results.  The Tree Doctor has consistently provided us with the highest quality service and I would highly recommend them.  

Scott Bieler
President & CEO
West Herr Automotive Group


April 5, 2013

I just wanted to extend a special thank you to Brad, who serviced my property today. I did not realize that the area he needed to treat was littered with four picnic benches and a grill that we stored for the winter. He carefully moved each one and handled them like they were his own. What a blessing to see a respectful and considerate man representing the Tree Doctor. Over the last few years Brad has continued to go above and beyond what the industry norm proves out.

Please give this message to all parties that would like to receive positive feedback regarding the Tree Doctor and Brad. I would also request that this be passed to Brad so he will know how much he is appreciated.


Laura Ellis


October 29, 2012

Dear Jeremy:

I am writing to thank you and the Tree Doctor for your ongoing and meaningful support of the Buffalo Olmsted Park Conservancy.

The recent safety training for our Forestry Crew which the Tree Doctor arranged for the Conservancy is especially appreciated. The information was timely, the instructor credible and effective.

We are very grateful for the past donations of in-kind service to the Conservancy, providing arborist services at Delaware Park, South Park, Cazenovia Park and Martin Luther King Jr. Park. The professional work of the Tree Doctor has included pruning, trimming, and tricky removals of large trees in tight spots.

Many thanks for all you do to give back to our community. The historic Olmsted Park Systmen is better for your efforts.

Best regards,

Thomas Herrera-Mishler
CEO and President
Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy


December 23, 2009

Dear Mr Sayers,

On behalf of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, I would like to extend our sincere thanks to your company for its assistance with insect invasive species management efforts in the Town of Randolph.

Earlier this year, Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive insect that destroys ash trees, was discovered for the first time in New York State in the Town of Randolph. Together with partner agencies, DEC coordinated major efforts this past summer and fall to search for, identify, and remove infected ash trees in an effort to slow the spread of this damaging insect.

The bucket trucks and operators provided by your company were extremely helpful in enabling forestry staff to examine suspect trees. The Emerald Ash Borer posed a significant threat to our area’s forest resources, and we sincerely appreciate the level of cooperation and support that your company has shown as we work to address this challenge. We hope that we can maintain this collaborative effort in the future as we monitor the spread of this invasive insect. Thank you again.

Abby Snyder
Regional Director
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation


March 4, 2008

Jeremy, I wanted to write you a note on how pleased I am with the work that was done with your company. You deliver what you say. It is rare to find this type of work ethic in any industry, particularly in this part of the country. I am ecstatic about every tree that is on our property. Michael and I feel that what we wanted has been executed. I can’t thank you enough.

p.s. Every time I drive down the street to our home I am so excited at how everything looks.. We are looking forward to future projects with your company!

Sandra and Michael Jonas


December 20, 2007

My name is Jim Frank and I am the Golf Course Superintendent at the Country Club of Buffalo. I’ve been employed at The Country Club for close to 14 years. Upon arriving here it was apparent that there was a need to develop a relationship with a new tree care company. I was contacted by The Tree Doctor and have worked with them ever since.

Their company at the time was well equipped to not only handle our needs but also took on many of the private country clubs in the Amherst area as clients. Over the years they have continued to upgrade and expand their infrastructure to insure full capability to satisfy their clients needs.

Over the past 14 years they have been completely proactive scheduling timing of pesticide applications based upon life cycles of insects and disease organisms. They have remained flexible enough to also work simultaneously around golfers and golfing events. They have the initiative in communications when they will be on site to do what they say they will do. All of their technicians are well trained in scouting for any unusual occurences in tree pests or health issues and will either inform me directly or inform their supervisors who in turn inform me.

Most importantly they always maintain a very professional approach to their occupation and continue to exhibit excellent ethics. In summary The Tree Doctor is one of those rare contractors who can not only talk the talk but also walk the walk. It has been my pleasure to do business with them.

James Frank, CGCS


December 19, 2007

I am writing on behalf of the Tree Doctor. The Tree Doctor provides tree and shrub care service to several large Condominium and Community Associations under our management. For over ten (10) years the aborists at the Tree Doctor have effectively diagnosed insect and diease problems and have maintained the health and appearance of our trees and shrubs. The Tree Doctor responds quickly and knowledgeably to our questions and provides excellent service at a reasonable cost.

I believe that they have the expertise and manpower to improve the health and longevity of the trees and shrubs at your property. You will find that they are pleasant to deal with, honest and prompt in the delivery of their service.

James F. Andruscant CPM, CMCA
Andruschant Real Estate Services, Inc.