Tree Removal & Pruning

The Tree Doctor specializes in proper tree pruning – small or large. There are many reasons to prune a tree:

  • Health – eliminate diseased branches; allow air and sun to circulate through tree canopy and thus combat fungal diseases.
  • Shape – correct growth imbalance (often occurs when tree is planted in problem area of residence), reduce in size or height, create and maintain -bonsai-, -topiary- or -espalier- plants.
  • Structure – eliminate weak unions that are subject to breaking, eliminate co-dominant leaders which interfere with optimum growth and health.
  • Clear buildings – many landscaping trees planted years ago are now interfering with roofs, gutters, siding or sidewalk clearance – these can usually be pruned to alleviate the problem and without hurting the tree.
  • Prevent storm damage – trees limbs fight gravity and as they grow become more subject to breakage from snow and ice load; tree canopy presents a -sail- for heavy winds and thereby makes breakage or complete failure more likely; proper thinning and reduction reduces these risks dramatically.
  • Aesthetic appearance – trees will tolerate considerable interference with their natural growth habit; within healthy parameters we have considerable control over what shape a tree will acquire.

All work is performed in accord with American National Standards Institute (ANSI A300) as recommended by the International Society of Arboriculture. We will not leave stubs or tears, will not top a tree, will not put the tree into stress by over pruning.

Most Tree Doctor pruning falls into one of the following three categories:

CLASS I – Complete crown cleaning

  • Removal of all deadwood
  • Removal of all rubbing and crossing branches
  • Removal of all co-dominant stems
  • Removal of up to 1/4 of entire canopy.

CLASS II – Basic Prune

  • Removal of all deadwood 1- inch diameter and larger
  • Removal of all rubbing and crossing branches

CLASS III – Hazard Prune

  • Removal of all deadwood 2- inch diameter and larger
  • Removal of all hazardous, broken or hanging limbs

Keep In Mind — Bad pruning kills trees!

Tree Removal

Sometimes the right thing to do is remove a dying or misplaced tree. Obstacles and hazards within the target area of the tree require specialists. The Tree Doctor has extensive experience in -difficult- removals.

  • Fully insured “takedowns”
  • Leave or haul away wood (we will cut it up and leave for firewood if you wish)
  • Complete cleanup of debris
  • Stump grinding
  • Specialized equipment, like the spider lift, that allows us to safely handle even the most dangerous, back yard, removals while minimizing or avoiding lawn and landscape damage