Gull Problem on Latina’s

Pest company manager says gull problem on Latina’s can be handled

By Howard Owens, Created Jul 19 2010 – 3:41pm

The gull problem at Latina’s is “hand-able, but a large-scale problem,” according to a manager for Pest RX, a company out of Clarence hired by LKLWL Properties to assess the situation and recommend a solution.

“It’s not like it’s a one-shot deal,” said Jeff Waiter. “It’s not like we’re going to come in here for however long and we’ll never see a seagull again. We’re going to have to work with the property owner and work on a long-term solution.”

Both Waiter and Pest RX owner Jeff Phelps said they still need to put together a plan, but the preliminary solution includes fixing the drainage on the roof, getting rid of standing water, and coming up with an “exclusion” system, something to make it harder or scarier for the gulls to land on the roof.

Just ensuring it’s a clean, dry roof will do a lot to deter the gulls.

“The first thing is, the standing water has to go,” said Phelps. “Once that’s gone, we’ll do a power wash and clean off the roof, but to keep them off permanently, there’s a lot of obstructions there.

“We’re trying to put our heads together and come up with a plan,” he added.

It shouldn’t be necessary to get the DEC involved at this point, Waiter said. He said the team spoke with the DEC this morning, they have a copy of the DEC manual and so long as they’re not disturbing eggs or active nests, no DEC permit is required.

He said they found no eggs and only old nests on the roof today.

“We can definitely make the place tidy without a DEC permit,” Waiter said, “so long as we don’t harass the young or the eggs.”

Photo: From left, Phelps, Waiter and another Pest RX employee.