Supports NY State Pesticide Neighbor Notification Law

The Tree Doctor, a Clarence Full Service Tree Company. Supports NY State Pesticide Neighbor Notification Law Despite Vigorous Opposition from Competing Companies

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Clarence, New York — January xx, 2006 – A Clarence tree service company called The Tree Doctor may be the only area tree service company that supports the New York State Pesticide Neighbor Notification Law. This is the law that Erie County let lapse for 2005. On January 1, 2006, this law went back into effect throughout Erie County. Jeremy Sayers, President of The Tree Doctor, supports the law.
The NY State Pesticide Neighbor Notification Law is a common-sense measure that gives the public the right to know when toxic pesticides are sprayed on abutting properties. The state law allows counties to opt-in to the law if they so choose. The law requires that:

Pesticide applicators give residents 48-hour written notice before spraying certain pesticides on abutting properties within 150 feet.
The notification must contain an exact date for the application as well as two alternate dates.
The written notification also must provide EPA registration numbers for the pesticide being applied, and telephone numbers for poison control and for the health department that enforces the law.
The Tree Doctor supports the Pesticide Neighbor Notification Law, although most companies in the area continue to oppose the law vigorously. “While not perfect, this law is an improvement over other methods of pesticide monitoring because it is required for all, including homeowners and sellers of pesticides,” said Jeremy Sayers, president of The Tree Doctor.

Complying with this law requires planning and coordination, time and resources, and therefore discourages those who might mis-use pesticides. The law reinforces the idea that only specialists should apply pesticides. This law encourages companies to use chemicals responsibly and to avoid unnecessary applications. Further, it gives neighbors an opportunity to make prepara- tions that may help put their minds at rest and avoid confrontation.

Homeowners must comply with the Pesticide Neighbor Notification Law when they apply pesticides to their lawns, shrubs, and trees, in a similar manor as lawn and tree services. Jeremy Sayers would like to discuss this issue with Erie County’s citizens, political leaders, and journalist. For more information, contact Jeremy Sayers at (716) 759-1138.

For information about the Erie County implementation of the NY State Neighbor Notification Law that is available on the Erie County website, visit: tion. The State of New York provides additional information at: